Application procedure

The following is an overview of the steps involved when applying to European Vaccine Initiative for a grant.  Detailed instructions for applicants are given under 'Apply now'.

  1. Issue of call
    • EVI issues calls for Letters of Interest or Proposals on this website once a year.
  2. Completion of the Application form
  3. Screening for eligibility
    • All applications are checked against eligibility criteria.
    • Applicants who do not meet these criteria are contacted for amendment of their application.
  4. Independent review and recommendation
    • All valid proposals are reviewed by members of EVI's independent Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC).
    • EVI SAC rates proposals according to the following criteria: originality, scientific significance, clarity, adequacy and feasibility.
    • EVI SAC makes recommendations to the EVI Board for final approval.
  5. Notification to applicants
    • Applicants are notified of the outcome.

The process from receipt of an application form to notification of the outcome can take up to 12 weeks.