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Unsolicited proposals can be sent at any time to Board members, the Secretariat or to members of EVI's independent Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC). They are subject to the same evaluation procedure used for proposals received in response to EVI calls.

The call application form, which must also be used for unsolicited proposals, is self explanatory. The call deadline and to whom proposals should be sent is stated in the call.

Please note that successful applicants will be expected to adhere to the following clauses in the EVI standard agreements/contracts:

EVI does not seek royalties or any other form of commercial return/profit from the projects it supports.

Article 8:    Ownership and Dissemination of Results

  1. All background intellectual property owned Contractor in particular, shall remain so vested.
  2. All background intellectual property owned by EVI shall remain so vested.
  3. Intellectual property arising from the conduct of the Project shall be owned by Contractor, however subject to Contractor granting EVI an irrevocable royalty free research and commercial license to make use of the results and/or arising intellectual property in developing countries, even though the arising intellectual property is based on background property owned by Contractor.

EVI provides a mechanism for accelerated development and clinical trials of malaria vaccines up to the proof of concept in human clinical trials.  EVI and Contract shall be party to negotiations with future funding Contractors for phase II, and III and licensing of the malaria vaccine (or its successors) to ensure compliance with the ethical principles of EVI.  If the new funding Contractor does not follow these ethical principles, then it will reimburse EVI for its investment in the Project.

The ethical principles of EVI are defined as the distribution of product in Developing Countries within a reasonable time (within two years of regulatory approval) and at reasonable cost (the product shall obtain and maintain the status oftiered priced product as pursuant in the Council regulation (EC) No 953/2003 of May 2003, regarding tiered priced products.)

EVI shall, without any further action required or needed by Contractor, have and hold a transferable, non-exclusive and irrevocable commercial and research license which shall be royalty free to make use of the intellectual property rights in Developing Countries to ensure that the investigational malaria vaccine or its successors and/or combination malaria vaccine products shall in final product form obtain and maintain the status tiered priced product as pursuant in the Council regulation (EV) No. 953/2003 of May 2003, regarding tiered priced products.  With regard to the license granted under this paragraph EVI shall have the right to grant a third party a sub license.  With regard to the provisions under this paragraph, EVI will keep Contractor informed of such licensing or sub licensing activities.

EVI will communicate to Contractor any result obtained by or in course of clinical trial phases and Contractor shall be allowed to freely use these results for further research and licensing activities outside of Developing Countries.

All arising intellectual property and other results of studies that were funded by EVI and for which it was commonly decided by the Parties not to apply for a patent or which results have appeared not to be patentable, shall become public knowledge and easily accessible for the public.

The Contract shall be governed by the German law.