EVI Rendez-Vous Events

In 2011 EVI started to held annual Rendez-Vous in December at the Internationales Wissenschaftsforum der Universität Heidelberg (IWH) or in Institut Pasteur in Paris.  Situated on the Haupstrasse in the oldest and most enchanting part of Heidelberg, the IWH with its old world charm, provides the perfect setting for the Rendez-Vous, and lends a relaxed, friendly, intimate atmosphere to the proceedings.

The Rendez-Vous usually brings together approximately 80 people from all corners of the globe, not only representing the wider world of vaccine disciplines, but from financial and governmental institutions, as well as the administration sector.

EVI’s portfolio is presented at the Rendez-Vous by people involved with the various projects.  This serves two main purposes:

  • One being to update EVI’s external Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) on all projects, in order that appropriate recommendations can be made to the EVI Board.
  • The other is to inform donors, current and prospective, and to heighten awareness, among all who are not directly connected with EVI, of the volume and diversity of the projects either financed or coordinated by EVI.  

As all EVI’s governance bodies attend the Rendez-Vous, the opportunity is taken to hold one of the two annual governance meetings of EVI SAC and a joint EVI Board and Board of Stakeholders meeting.

Participation in EVI Rendez-Vous is by invitation only.  If you would like to participate, please send a request to contact.us(at)euvaccine.eu, and your request will be reviewed by the EVI SAC.