EVI Rendez-Vous, 14 November 2011


Summary, EVI Rendez-Vous 14 November 2011

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After a warm welcome from Professor Claus Bartram, Director of the Institute of Human Genetics at  Heidelberg  University, Dean of the Medical Faculty and representative of Heidelberg University on the Board of EVI-EEIG, Roland Dobbelaer Chair of EVI SAC presented the strategy of EVI, which is under implementation.

The aim of the meeting was to assess the performance of EVI for the year 2010 and to review the EVI vaccine and project portfolio, allowing external stakeholders to address their questions, and/or put forward recommendations, which could be discussed during the closed session of the Scientific Advisory Committee.

During the session on preclinical development, lively discussions took place in connection with the presentations of accelerating the technology transfer to GMP manufacturers, by improving process development in a regulatory perspective. The optimisation of the immunogenicity of antigens was discussed in the context of a rationale decision process for the choice and the use of adjuvants.

EVI supports five projects which have reached the clinical development stage. The presentation of the clinical development of EVI funded projects was supported by the work on harmonisation of immunological assays and safety assessment, which is undertaken under EVI coordination of EC funded projects.

The Rendez-Vous ended with warm thanks to Professor Hannah Akuffo and Dr Joe Cohen, former members of EMVI Board, and Professor Marita Troye-Blomberg, Peter Kremsner and Dr Marie-Paule Kieny all former members of EMVI/EVI Scientific Advisory Committee.

The staff at EVI would like to express their gratitude to the Chairs, presenters, and all the people that attended the first EVI Rendez-Vous.  Your interest, approach and friendliness went a long way to making this event a success.  We are aware that more time would have been desirable, and this will be taken into consideration when organising future meetings. Notwithstanding this, the feed back received to date has been overwhelmingly positive. Your opinion is valued and very much appreciated, so should you wish to comment on the Rendez-Vous, please contact contact.us@euvaccine.eu. Comments on all aspects of the Rendez-Vous are welcome, as they can be used to improve our future performance.

The EVI Rendez-Vous 2012 will take place 5 - 6 December.