Meeting reports

The international meetings listed below were held at the instigation and under the auspices of the European Vaccine Initiative (formerly European Malaria Vaccine Initiative) in response to the scientific community's need for discussion/investigation of various malaria and other related matters of interest and concern.

2016 EVI Rendez-Vous, Paris 14 December 2016

2015 EVI Rendez-Vous, Paris 9 December 2015

2014 EVI Rendez-Vous, Paris 3 December 2014

Malaria Vaccine Development in Europe - preparing for the future, Brussels 20 - 21 November 2014

2013 EVI Rendez-Vous, Heidelberg 4 December 2013

TRANSVAC Stakeholders Meetings, EVRI Roadmap, October 2013

Third TRANSVAC Stakeholders Meeting, Brussels 20 June 2013

2012 EVI Rendez-Vous, Heidelberg 6 December 2012

Second TRANSVAC Stakeholders Meeting, Brussels 13 June 2012

2011 EVI Rendez-Vous, Heidelberg November 2011

TRANSVAC Stakeholders' Meeting, Brussels 7 October 2011

TRANSVAC Stakeholders' Meeting, Brussels 12 October 2010

Safety Harmonisation in Pre-Licensure Clinical Trials, EURHAVAC 2008 October

Optimising Decisions Making Processes in Malaria Vaccine Design, EURHAVAC 2008 February

Functional Assays in the Development of Asexual Stage Malaria Vaccines, EURHAVAC 2007 December

Phase II workshop 2004 September

Experimental Infections in Humans 2003 December

Pregnancy Associated Malaria - on the brink? 2003 September
This report, written by Alister Craig, was published in Trends in Parasitology. 2004 May;20(5):201-204

Combination Vaccines 2002 January

Clinical Testing of Pre-erythrocytic Malaria Vaccine 2000 November

Clinicals Trials Protocol 2000 May

Long Synthetic Peptides in Malaria Vaccine Development 1999 October

The Thematic Network Meeting 1999 March