First Annual Meeting of Bellerophon10 September 2014

The first annual meeting of Bellerophon will take place 1- 2 October 2014 in Lyon.

EVI staff attending: Sophia Hundt, Nathalie Imbault, Odile Leroy, Regitze Louise Thøgersen


3rd Annual Meeting of MultiMalVax05 September 2014

The 3rd annual meeting of MultiMalVax will take place 15 - 16 September in Siena, Italy.
The following EVI staff will attend: Nicolas Havelange, Sophia Hundt, Nathalie Imbault and Nicola Viebig

Fighting malaria in Africa20 August 2014

Watch the video and learn how EVI's MVVC project together with African partners is fighting malaria.

KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research Programme celebrates 25th anniversary13 August 2014

To mark the anniversary a brochure has been produced, which gives background on the programme and two very short films, one on their work, and the other shows how Kenyan researchers have discovered the secret of HAPPYness!

More information on the programme can be found at and on twitter @KEMRIW

Short courses in biosciences for professionals04 August 2014

The University of Oxford is offering short courses in biosciences for professionals during the Autumn and Winter 2014.


EVI Rendez-Vous, 3 December 201401 August 2014

Save the date for EVI's fourth Rendez-Vous, which will take place on 3 December 2014 for the first time at Institut Pasteur, Paris.

MultiMalVax call for the conduct of a vaccine clinical trial to evaluate the mosquito-stage component of this multi-stage malaria vaccine.02 July 2014

The MultiMalVax CALL is for a suitable European clinical trial site for the conduct of a phase I clinical trial to assess the safety, immunogenicity and ex-vivo efficacy of simian adenovirus (ChAd63) and Modified Vaccinia Ankara (MVA) vectors expressing mosquito stage Plasmodium falciparum antigens.  This clinical trial will start in January 2015, enrol 24 volunteers, and should be conducted within 12 months.  University of Oxford will act as sponsor of the clinical trial.

CT synopsis  and  Budget template

Three articles related to the MVVC project have recently been published30 June 2014

Three new papers have recently been published in scientific journals on research conducted within the MVVC project.

New Horizons for Vaccine Research & Innovation17 June 2014

The conference report as well as the authorised versions of all presentations are now available.

Malaria European Vaccine Initiative Workshop - Registration Open05 June 2014

Do not wait to register  for the workshop organised by the European Vaccine Initiative:
Malaria Vaccine Development in Europe – preparing for the future
20 – 21 November 2014
Louise Centre, Av. Louise 287, Brussels, Belgium

Draft agenda