EVI and partners awarded contract by EC

European Network of Vaccine Research and Development (TRANSVAC). This four year project with a budget of €9,900,000, which officially started on 1 October 2009, has thirteen consortium members.

The overall objective is to accelerate the pharmaceutical and clinical development of promising vaccine candidates for public health use. This will be achieved by bridging the gap between academic research and early phase clinical development through carefully managing the advancement of promising vaccine candidates from preclinical animal experiments to proof-of-principle studies in humans.

The specific objectives are the creation of an enabling environment for:

  1. Unrestricted exchange of experience, expertise and know-how between partners
  2. Enhanced communication with other related projects through networking 
  3. Transnational access to physical infrastructures and services owned by the project partners
  4. Joint execution of research and development activities to enhance and improve current infrastructures provided by the project by developing trans-diseases research programmes, in order to optimise the non-disease specific knowledge
  5. Coordination of European vaccine research in synergy with on going global co-ordination efforts, by setting up accompanying measures for the creation of the European Vaccine Development Agency, which is expected to be set-up at the end of the current project, if the political support from European Member States and European Commission materialises.

The kick off meeting was held in January 2010 in Brussels