A poster on the phase I clinical trial of the malaria vaccine candidates ChAd63 CS and MVA CS (CSVAC) administered to adults in a prime-boost regime was presented at the ASTMH meeting held  in Atlanta in November 2012.  The clinical trial was conducted at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI).  The poster was presented by Dr Eoghan de Barra, Clinical Research Fellow at RCSI and an investigator on the clinical trial.

TRANSVAC is now launching the second Training course "Practical approaches to vaccine development".

1. MVVC 2 (Malaria Vectored Vaccines Consortium 2): Field Trials of a New Combination Malaria Vaccine in West African Adults and Children

2. P27A CTb (P27A Phase Ib Clinical Trial)

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In addition to the initial groups, TRANSVAC transnational access platform has integrated five additional groups, who provide their services to users on a free and paid basis. Read the TRANSVAC Press release about the new services.

The European Vaccine Initiative urges continued and sustainable malaria vaccine development efforts and funding.

Press release

The first TRANSVAC training course on “Practical approaches to vaccine development” was held on 3-6 September 2012 at the Vaccine Formulation Laboratory (VFL) training center, University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Read the Post-training advert to learn more about the course agenda and the feedbacks from the participants.

EVI extends thanks to all speakers, chairs and other participants for making the 2012 RdV a resounding success.

Please visit the Rendez-Vous page for:

Meeting report, agenda, list of participants and photos

Held in Brussels on the 13th June 2012 , the Second TRANSVAC Stakeholder Workshop focused on two main topics: I) What are regulatory challenges in vaccine development and how can we solve them together?II) How can the 'One Health' concept help us during the quest for new and better vaccines?

The position paper urges the European Commission "to take leadership role in global health R&D within the EU and worldwide.."

European Immunisation and Vaccine Advocacy Coalition (EIVAC) is a network of organisations that strive to ensure European Union (EU) institutions adequately address child health and immunisation in developing countries. EVI is a member of EIVAC.