GAVI is currently looking for a Senior Project Manager, Ebola Vaccine.

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Malaria vaccine tested at RCSI proves successful in first human trial.  Two new malaria vaccines which have undergone a clinical trial in humans, carried out by researchers at RCSI in Dublin, have been proven to be well tolerated and produce a strong immune response.  An article has been published in Plos one. For full press release please click here

The World Malaria Report 2014 is now available

The G-Finder Report 2014 report is now available

Ninety people registered for the workshop, which was held at Louise Centre, Avenue Louise 287, Brussels

EVI valued your participation and extends heartfelt thanks for your contribution.  We are sure you join EVI in looking forward to witnessing the benefits of the workshop throughout the scientific community. An article will shortly be submitted for publication.

BMGF are looking for a Senior Program Officer, Malaria in the Global Health Program division in Seattle

EVI sends sincere thanks to all who took part in the workshop, and by their participation lend support to EVI in its important work on harmonisation of assays.

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This call is for a suitable independent Clinical Research Assistant (CRA) or a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) for the monitoring of a phase I clinical in CNRFP, Burkina Faso.

Roadmap for the establishment of a European vaccine R&D infrastructure has been published in Vaccine

A letter was published in Nature on 17 August fully acknowledging EVI and the InnoMalVac project. Access to the structure is now paving the way forward to design improved vaccines against RH5, as well as the other RH malaria proteins.