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Supporting the development of tomorrow's vaccines

EVI's activities are diverse. We support and coordinate research into individual vaccine candidates, work across Europe to harmonise processes and protocols for vaccine development and strengthen the capacity for vaccine Research and Development in low- and middle-income countries.

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  • Translational R&D & Capacity strengthening 

  • Harmonisation 

  • Control Testing

  • Networking & Policy

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EVI supports a diverse portfolio of pre-clinical, early clinical, and advanced clinical projects. We strategically use our resources to support and advance a wide range of vaccine candidates as well as cross-cutting activities.



See below the vaccine candidate table targeting various stages in the development pipeline, and click on any of them to know more about the projects in which these are involved:


* Candidates under selection for multi-stage approach

** Undisclosed combination

Grey colour indicates finalised project

Lines indicate funding secured 

*** Approved vaccine assessed for alternative administration schedules


Pre-clinical proof of concept

Clinical proof of concept


Phase I

Phase IIa

Phase IIb

Phase III

Phase IV

Transmission blocking

Pre-erythrocytic stage


RH5.2 / R78C 

Placental malaria

Multi-stage vaccine

Applied Vaccinology



We are committed to supporting vaccine development beyond individual vaccine candidates. We engage in initiatives aimed at creating harmonisation between stakeholders, promoting networking, developing innovative R&D solutions, and accessing vaccine infrastructure at the European and global level. 

See below the Cross-cutting Activities table, and click on any of them to know more about each project:

If you have any questions regarding our portfolio of vaccines candidates or cross-cutting projects, emails us to

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