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Since 1998, working with partners globally to develop safe, effective and affordable vaccines. 

We are a science-driven organisation, leading innovative solutions for vaccine R&D through cross-cutting activities, capacity strengthening and advocacy. EVI supports vaccine R&D by taking action from three different areas:

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Translational product development

Our goal is to catalyse the development of vaccines for global health. We actively engage in product development activities for new vaccine candidates and bridge early-stage vaccine candidates from discovery to early clinical trials

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Cross-cutting activities

EVI is committed to supporting vaccine development beyond individual vaccine candidates. We engage in initiatives aimed at creating harmonisation between stakeholders, promote networking and support access to vaccine infrastructures at the European and global level. 

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Knowledge sharing & advocacy

Knowledge sharing and advocacy. I'm a paragraph. E.g. from DNDi: We speak out for policy change to enable more effective and equitable R&D and access to the fruits of science for all people in need, no matter their income or where they live

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