The purpose of the EVI Board as stated in the statutes is:

  • To appoint a Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) from prominent members of the scientific community
  • To appoint a Board of Stakeholders
  • To set and adjust goals
  • To develop scientific policies and strategies based on advice from EVI SAC
  • To evaluate progress in relation to objectives and goals
  • To approve and when possible to allocate available funding for research and development in accordance with recommendations made by EVI SAC
  • To approve the annual work plan of the Secretariat
  • To secure funds from European Union (EU) Member States and other interested parties.


The composition of the EVI Board is:

  • One representative for each member of EVI-EEIG with a maximum of three representatives per EU Member State, including representatives of pharmaceutical industry.
  • The EVI SAC Chair (non-voting member)
  • The Chair of the EVI Board of Stakeholders (non-voting member)


The EVI Board meets at least twice a year.  Certain decisions require a unanimous vote, such as admission of new members or modification of the statutes.  Most other decisions are binding with the support of at least two-thirds of voting members.  Routine decisions require only a simple majority.

Decisions regarding funding of proposals are taken on the basis of the text of the proposal, the written summary evaluation prepared by EVI SAC, and a budget estimate prepared by the Secretariat.

The EVI Board is governed by Rules of Procedure.