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Protecting the next generations: fighting diseases of poverty and preventing emerging infections

European Vaccine Initiative (EVI), GSK, iBet, Moderna and Vaccines Europe joined voices to raise awareness towards the need for pharma, NGOs and academia to stand #unitedforvaccines and work together for the development of new, better, safer and affordable vaccines. Challenges in vaccine R&D, learnings from COVID-19 pandemic and success stories are shared by several experts (2022).

TRANSVAC2, European Network of Vaccine Research and Development

TRANSVAC is an infrastructure project that aims to accelerate the development of effective vaccines urgently needed to address European and global health challenges with the ultimate goal to build an efficient and sustainable collaboration of experts and facilities to catalyse vaccine research in Europe (2018).

Fighting placental malaria

Snapshot of work ongoing for the development of a vaccine against malaria before the pregnancy (2015).

Fighting Malaria - Malaria Vectored Vaccines Consortium

Learn about the efforts and achievements of a consortium funded by EDCTP developing a vaccine candidate against malaria (2014).

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