Petri Dishes

Resources & tools

Assays, research protocols & standard operational procedures (SOPs)


SOPs were developed for the collection of samples obtained from subjects in COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials, and subsequent analysis by laboratories within the network. These SOPs are available for use by the scientific community. 

Malaria research reference reagents, guidance documents for antibody-dependent cellular parasite inhibition (ADCI), intracellular Cytokine Staining (ICS) and ELISPOT, and SOPs for IFA have been developed to facilitate consistent, reproducible and comparable intra- and inter-lab performance and increased accuracy and precision of assay data. These are available to the scientific community.


Regulatory and clinical trial support


EVI-coordinated project, TRANSVAC2 (European Vaccine Research and Development Infrastructure), makes available information about vaccine regulatory aspects and clinical trial regulatory and ethical requirements. These are available to the scientific community.


Databases, biobanking and sample sharing


Biobank and Sample Sharing (under construction)

Collections include different animal study derived products (sera, tissues etc.), mainly involving a biohazard level 3 or 4 for mice, NHP and non-rodent animals. These are available to researchers.


Science communication 


EVI developed this resource as part of VACCELERATE, the pan-European network for vaccines clinical trials, to help identify and tackle existing gaps in public information material on COVID-19 vaccine trials, in Europe.


Mathematical models & data analysis tools

Data analysis package for Malaria growth inhibition assays (GIA) and auditable data management system for ELISA. These are available to the scientific community.