Our Work

Supporting the development of tomorrow's vaccines

Our work

EVI recognises the power of partnerships and engages with partners worldwide to harness the best knowledge and expertise from leaders in the field of vaccine R&D. We aim to spearhead global vaccine development efforts by engaging with partners from academia and other research institutions, the private sector, governments and civil society organisations, including partners from low- and middle-income countries affected by diseases of poverty.


EVI´s activities are diverse. EVI supports and coordinates research into individual vaccine candidates, works across Europe to harmonise processes and protocols for vaccine development, and to build capacity, and EVI supports the strengthening of capacity for vaccine Research and Development (R&D) in low- and middle-income countries.

Translational R&D & Capacity strengthening 


Control Testing

Networking & Policy

R&D Project portfolio targeting various stages in the development



Our proven track record

EVI has supported the development of more than thirty vaccine formulations, seventeen of which have progressed into early clinical development. Three candidates transitioned to partners for mid-stage clinical development. EVI has further provided services (i.e. preclinical evaluation, research for biomarkers) to support the advancement of another 29 vaccine projects including, but not restricted to, dengue, mumps, tuberculosis, pertussis, melanoma, HIV, ovarian carcinoma and malaria vaccine candidates as well as novel adjuvants.  EVI has also supported the establishment the first control human challenge model of paratyphoid infection. In more than 20 years of existence, EVI has built long-lasting partnerships with vaccine scientists from across the globe, including Europe, the USA, India, Japan, as well as Burkina Faso, Kenya, Ethiopia, Senegal, Gambia, allowing us to cooperate in the strategy and decision-making processes of partner organisations and identifying and recruiting the best ad-hoc experts to advise and lead the development of vaccines.

Due to its existing expertise, EVI is perfectly placed to support the development of badly needed life-saving vaccines.

Dr. Sodiomon Bienvenu Sirima

Researcher at Groupe de Recherche

Action en Santé, Burkina Faso

Our strengths

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Coordinating multinational projects

Successful project proposals, administrative support, 

strategic and effective coordination of research projects across all stages.

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Reaching beyond the ivory tower

Partners, stakeholders, and the public.

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Harnessing the power of alliances 

Strategic partnerships, engaging the best knowledge and expertise to build multidisciplinary and international consortia.

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R&D support

Supporting research across all development stages

Manufacturing process, preclinical testing and clinical trial management, subcontracting management and regulatory support including scientific advice preparation.