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Diseases of poverty (e.g., malaria, tuberculosis, leishmaniasis, and schistosomiasis) hit the hardest on the planet’s poorest people living in low and middle income countries, in particular children under the age of five. Worldwide, infectious diseases were collectively responsible for the death of more than 15 million people in 2016.

Vaccination is one of the most efficient and cost-effective measures for the prevention of illness and death from these diseases. The Word Health Organisation estimates that between 2010 and 2015 more than 10 million deaths were prevented globally thanks to vaccination. However, although the need for effective, safe, and affordable vaccines for low income countries is steadily growing, very few effective vaccines exist for diseases of poverty and emerging infectious diseases (e.g., Ebola, Zika, Nipah).

Formidable scientific and technical challenges surround the development of these vaccines, making their development a time-consuming and complex process. In addition, industry has no incentive to develop vaccines for diseases affecting populations with limited purchasing power. Only by finding innovative ways to finance and manage the development of vaccines will humanity overcome this situation.


Help us to reach this goal and be part of our wide network of partners!


Your donation will be used to finance Research and Development activities that contribute to new, effective and affordable vaccines for global health.

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EVI is actively interested in discussing potential involvement with governments, funders, industry partners, academia, regulators, civil society organisations, and vaccine research groups.

Kindly reach out to us via e-mail at with the subject 'Investment opportunity - Company name'.

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If you're a journalist and want to know more about our work, please get in touch with us via e-mail at with the subject 'Press Inquiry - Full name'.

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