Scientific Advisory Committee


The independent Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) makes recommendations to the EVI Board on scientific direction and technologies as well as on the choice of applications for funding.  The role of EVI SAC is to:

  • Advise the EVI Board on all matters of a scientific and technical nature in relation to vaccine development and clinical trials
  • Develop scientific strategies for EVI Board approval
  • Recommend new initiatives or re-direction of initiatives to the EVI Board
  • Design the texts for EVI calls for Letters of Interest and Proposals
  • Evaluate Letters of Interest and project Proposals
  • Submit recommendations of prioritised projects to the EVI Board.
  • Advise on the recruitment of EVI Executive Director and scientific staff.

EVI SAC is governed by Rules of Procedure.


The EVI Board appoints up to eleven scientists to serve as members of EVI SAC for an initial period of three years.  An open call for application and/or nomination of experts in infectious diseases and/or immunisation and vaccine research and development is launched at the time of membership renewal.  The following selection criteria for new members should be evaluated:

  • Experience in carrying out scientific assessments and/or providing scientific advice in the required areas of expertise;
  • Ability to analyse complex information;
  • Proven scientific excellence;
  • Professional experience in a multi-disciplinary environment, preferably in an international context;
  • In the event of equal scientific excellence gender and geographical balance should be taken into consideration
  • Adequacy of experience with EVI strategy.

Additional external experts can be called on for specialist advice and evaluation of proposals.


EVI SAC meets at least twice a year to arrive at a written consensus.  One meeting is with regard to Letters of Interest and Proposals.and the second meeting is with regards to theEVI portfolio review, whereby PIs are called upon to present their progress/results to date.  Each Letter of Interest or Proposal must be evaluated by at least five EVI SAC members, or co-opted EVI SAC members.  A quorum of two thirds of EVI SAC members present is required for decisions to be binding.

Each EVI SAC member submits a written evaluation of each Letter of Interest or Proposal taking into account the scientific value and practicalities, as well as identifying possibilities for collaboration between submitted proposals.

EVI SAC will, on request, provide scientific and technical advice to the Secretariat to assist in its executive function.  EVI SAC may also evaluate the progress of on-going EVI funded Research and Development.