Mission and aims


Innovative solutions for disease control are urgently needed to tackle neglected diseases and to ensure public health system preparedness.

In line with the health-focused United Nations (UN) Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Subsequent Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) developed by the UN in partnership with a broad stakeholder constituency, key development aid agencies and international organisations have committed themselves to reducing the burden of disease. An important issue now is to focus on relevant innovation.

Through continuous collaboration and exchange with academia, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, other partnerships, policy makers and donors, EVI is building a vaccine portfolio that addresses critical research and development challenges and opportunities. Through continuous collaboration, EVI’s efforts will contribute to the relevant SDGs shown here.

                                                           Relevant SDGs


A world free of the intolerable burden of diseases of poverty and emerging infectious diseases within the coming decades.


Our mission is to contribute to global efforts to control diseases of poverty and emerging infectious diseases by:

  • creating an environment conducive to accelerating the development and clinical assessment of vaccine candidates for diseases of poverty
  • promoting the affordability and accessibility of vaccines for diseases of poverty in low-income populations
  • aligning all major stakeholders and acting as a focal point to ensure the successful development of vaccines for diseases of poverty for low-income populations
  • communicating to stakeholders and the public the importance of EVI’s work and progress towards the deployment of safe, efficacious and affordable vaccines for diseases of poverty