Our achievements

Since our establishment in 1998, we have succeeded in establishing and maintaining an ‘enabling environment’ that accelerates vaccine development and we have developed synergies and close interactions with other PDPs.
With the resources raised since our inception, EVI to date has accomplished the following:

  • Support to development of thirty-four vaccine formulations
  • Seventeen vaccine candidates progressed into early clinical development
  • Three candidates transitioned to partners for mid-stage clinical development
  • Successfully initiated universal influenza research in an animal model
  • Successfully provided services (i.e. preclinical evaluation, research for biomarkers) to advance 29 vaccine projects including, but not restricted to, dengue, mumps, tuberculosis, pertussis, melanoma, HIV, ovarian carcinoma and malaria vaccine candidates as well as novel adjuvants.
  • Established of the first control human challenge model of paratyphoid infection
  • Built long-lasting partnerships with vaccine scientists from across the globe, including Europe, the USA, India, Japan, as well as resource-constrained countries, allowing us to cooperate in the strategy and decision-making processes of partner organisations
  • Identified and recruited the best ad-hoc experts to advise and lead the development of vaccines.