Our strategy, which is based on a strategic review carried out in 2014, sets the scene for our work and outlines our core strategy and specific action points for the 2016 – 2020 period (see EVI strategic plan 2016-2020), set in the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Innovative solutions for disease control are urgently needed to tackle disease and to ensure public health system preparedness. Vaccines are one of the greatest contributions that modern medicine has made to human health and have already had proven success in combatting diseases.

By focusing on vaccine development we aim to contribute further to global disease control efforts by:

  • creating an environment that supports the development of new vaccines
  • promoting the affordability and accessibility of vaccines
  • aligning stakeholders in support of vaccine development
  • communicating our progress to stakeholders and the public

Over the next five years, we aim to spearhead the development of vaccines
for diseases of poverty and emerging infectious diseases via four synergistic strategic themes: