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Siaka Débé

Siaka started his fellowship at EVI in November 2016. Siaka received a Medical Doctorate from the University of Ouagadougou in 2010. Siaka has joined CNRFP the same year where he acted as a clinical trial physician and since 2013, was in charge of the Clinical Trial Center of Balonghin. His responsibilities focused on managing the clinical trials centre, training study teams, conducting clinical trials on malaria drugs and vaccines. In 2016, Siaka was granted a WHO/TDR clinical research development fellowship (CRDF) and was placed within EVI for a 12 months training period.

Through this placement, EVI has provided Siaka training in project management and allowed him to reinforce his network and to work in multicultural settings. “Thanks to the EVI staff for its strong commitment in this training. I would also like to greatly thank WHO/ TDR for giving me this training opportunity. This “learning by doing” approach has provided practical competencies in clinical trial development. These competencies will be profitable in my daily work and also to my home institution.”

Male Student
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