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EDUFLUVAC workshop

“Four years of European research on the development of universal influenza vaccines: what have we learnt, and how can we move forward?”

The third and last EDUFLUVAC workshop focusing on the latest achievement in Europe towards the development of a new generation of improved, long lasting and broadly protective influenza vaccines, successfully took place on 12-13 June at the House of Dutch Provinces, Brussels, Belgium. This workshop was organised in close collaboration with two other European Union (EU)-funded consortia, UNISEC and FLUTCORE. Representatives from the five EU-funded consortia aiming at developing broadly reactive influenza vaccines met to discuss the products and technologies developed, and to present the results of their research to stakeholders and several funding organisations. The workshop provided a great opportunity to discuss what has been achieved, what can be saved/maintained after the projects come to an end and how to strengthen the European vaccine development landscape.

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