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EVI engages in global health discussion at 11th EDCTP Forum

November 2023

EVI attended the 11th EDCTP Forum in Paris, France, from November 7th-10th, celebrating 20 years of the EDCTP (European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership) as the programme moves into its 3rd iteration. EDCTP provides a unique framework for North-South (Europe/Africa) and South-South (intra-Africa) collaborations in support of clinical research in sub-Saharan Africa, both by direct funding of clinical trials and by strengthening local capacity through training, networking and other activities.

European Vaccine Initiative (EVI) has a long history of participation in a variety of EDCTP activities, including hosting of EDCTP-funded fellows from sub-Saharan Africa, coordination of the ongoing ShigaPlexIM and PREV_PKDL projects, and participation in the MMVC, MIMVaC-Africa, and MVPE-CC projects (see the EVI Portfolio for more details). In Paris, EVI presented a vaccinology training programme which was developed and coordinated by EVI as part of the European Commission (EC)-funded TRANSVAC2 infrastructure project. The programme provided training in vaccine development to researchers from various EDCTP-funded projects and is working to make the training more accessible to African students and investigators. Results from the epidemiology studies conducted in the context of the ShigaPlexIM project to assess the burden of shigellosis and drug resistance pattern in children under five years of age in Burkina Faso and Zambia were also presented during the forum (see News Item).

Other highlights from the 11th EDCTP Forum include the approvals of the EVI-supported RTS,S and R21 malaria vaccines. The newly launched EDCTP3 programme will run through 2031 and includes €1.6 billion in funding for global health initiatives, with a focus on tuberculosis, malaria, HIV, antimicrobial resistant pathogens, and emerging/neglected diseases affecting sub-Saharan Africa.

It has been inspiring to hear about the great work conducted with EDCTP’s support to fight poverty-related diseases and strengthen research capacities in sub-Saharan Africa. At EVI we witness every day the tremendous impact that scientific innovation and collaborations can have in addressing public health priorities. – Dr Flavia D’Alessio, Senior Project Manager at EVI

EVI is looking forward to working with partners within EDCTP3 to continue addressing urgent global health needs by supporting the development, testing and implementation of new vaccines and providing training for the next generation of African researchers.


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