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Igniting Innovation: 2023 EU-China Vaccine Collaboration Forum highlights global synergies

November 2024

In the heart of Wuxi, China, from November 3-4, 2023, the pulse of innovation echoed at the 2023 EU-China Vaccine Collaboration Forum. The forum was jointly organised by the European Vaccine Initiative (EVI), the EU Project Innovation Centre (EUPIC), the Administrative Committee of Wuxi National High-New Tech Industrial Development Zone, the Wuxi Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, and the Wuxi Municipal Health Commission, with support from the China Association for Vaccines, the China Pharmaceutical University, and the Wuxi Municipal People's Government.

A Tapestry of Innovation Unveiled: Bridging Continents, Uniting Visions

Drawing a diverse assembly of several hundred participants from European and Chinese enterprises, universities, investment institutions, and industry organisations, the forum explored the forefront of vaccine research and development.

Vibrant discussions centred around cutting-edge topics, with a spotlight on revolutionary mRNA-based vaccines and other novel technologies and approaches. The presentations were accompanied by matchmaking sessions that brought together researchers from China and Europe in stimulating discussions and exploring new avenues for future collaborations.

EVI would like to thank our partners from China and Europe for their support and active participation in this exciting event, which should clear the path toward new and exciting collaborations and advances in vaccine research.


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