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TRANSVAC2 Open Trans-national access call

TNA Vaccine Development Services

Submit your application until August 5th!

TRANSVAC2 offers high-quality technical services to support the development of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines for both human and animal use. These services are not restricted to any disease in particular.

Services will be offered free of charge, with few exceptions!

Academic and non-academic research groups, SMEs and industries can apply but only to service infrastructures outside their own country.

Training Modules

Submit your application until July 15th!

TRANSVAC2 offers technical and theoretical training at leading European centres on Vaccine R&D. The following modules are open for applications:

M1  Clinical vaccine development and biomanufacturing

In brief: Overview of GMP manufacture and small to large scale manufacture, vaccine clinical development, importance of clinical trial design, immunomonitoring, statistical and ethical considerations.

22-25 September 2020 at University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

M2 Human and Veterinary Vaccinology

In brief: Overview of vaccine deployment principles for human and animal diseases, and the One Health approach.

26-30 October 2020 at University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

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