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Value of Vaccines campaign 2020: Collaboration- the key to efficient vaccine development

We recently worked with Health Awareness on the 2020 Value of Vaccines campaign. A printed publication was enclosed within every copy of the Guardian newspaper and the content is available online at The campaign featured exclusive content from European Vaccine Initiative as well as other key thought leaders and industry voices about the importance of vaccination throughout life and building on immunisation pro

gress. EVI highlights collaboration, as key to address and overcome scientific, financial and social challenges of a complex and global issues such as vaccine development. As a Product development partnership, EVI is well placed to drive such efforts, ensuring a global approach to worldwide problems.

“In times when some may choose to build barriers; building alliances, sharing ideas and resources across disciplines, borders and cultures not only fosters better innovation and faster progress, but also a more resilient society”

EVI is firmly committed to the principles of collaboration, cooperation, and global solidarity as central to EVI’s vision to contribute to healthy lives and well-being for all at all ages by supporting the development of safe, effective, and affordable vaccines.

Read the full editorial:


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