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Neglected Diseases


Emerging diseases 

Neglected and emerging infectious diseases disproportionately affect the lives of people and children living in low- and middle-income countries, causing sickness, disability and death to millions, and also represent a significant and growing threat worldwide.

Vaccines, the way forward

EVI has a Vaccine Projects' Portfolio that addresses critical R&D challenges and opportunities in five disease areas:

EVI is committed to supporting vaccine development beyond individual vaccine candidates. EVI engages in initiatives aimed at creating harmonisation between stakeholders, promote networking and support access to vaccine infrastructures as well as capacity strengthening activities at the European and global level. 

Since its inception in 1998, EVI has succeeded in establishing and maintaining an ‘enabling environment’ that accelerates vaccine development and has developed synergies and collaborations with multiple partners, including other Product Development Partnerships (PDPs), academia, research institutions, pharma and biotechnology companies, policy makers regulatory agencies and donors.


In 2020, EVI supports:

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