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Jorge Almeida

Jorge Almeida

Clinical Project Manager

Jorge Almeida, who joined the European Vaccine Initiative in December 2023 as a Clinical Project Manager, brings a wealth of expertise to his role. Holding a degree in Microbiology and Genetics, as well as a PhD in Immunology, Jorge is deeply committed to advancing scientific knowledge, as evidenced by his research experience, including a post-Doc position at the National Institutes of Health in Maryland, USA. His significant contributions to HIV immunology and T-cell responses are reflected in a portfolio of published articles and presentations at international conferences.
Transitioning from bench research to practical application, Jorge played a pivotal role in setting up and managing clinical trials. This involved managing trials for vaccines and cancer drugs in collaboration with the University of Maastricht, supporting small companies in bringing their innovations to the forefront of medical research.
As Clinical Project Manager at EVI, Jorge’s primary responsibility entails coordinating collaborative efforts for the development of vaccine candidates against viral infections. In this capacity, he works closely with academic partners, pharmaceutical companies, public health institutes, and various organisations worldwide to advance the collective endeavour of combatting pandemic threats on a global scale.
In addition to his professional achievements, Jorge's diverse skill set extends to his fluency in Portuguese, English, and Dutch. Beyond the confines of his professional role, he is not only a proficient project manager but also an accomplished euphonium player and a dedicated judo practitioner, embodying a holistic approach to his personal and professional pursuits.

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