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 EVI Staff 

Romina Di Marzo

Romina Di Marzo

Communications and Advocacy Manager

Romina Di Marzo is the Advocacy and Communications Manager of the European Vaccine Initiative (EVI). She studied at the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina 'Holly Mary of Buenos Aires’, Argentina, where she obtained her degree in Science Communications (‘Institutional and Advertising Communications’) in 2005. Romina has worked for more than 20 years in the retail and hospitality industries as a Marketing Communications Specialist in many roles both in America and Europe, and she has been coordinating communications and fundraising projects for other non-for-profit organisations like the Red Cross and Rotary Club since 2001 as a Communications consultant.
She has extensive experience in branding and corporate communications having worked in small and big international enterprises, leading teams to successful ROI and brand position. While performing her role at EVI, Romina she is the Co-founder and Director of ‘Digital International Publishers’, a consultancy agency founded in 2014. In 2021, she joined the European Vaccine Initiative, where she coordinates the organisation's external communications efforts and is committed to strengthening EVI’s reputation as a solid and sustainable organisation, with the main focus on supporting the development of vaccines for global health.

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