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Vaccine development

EVI coordinates major activities related to vaccine development against poverty-related and emerging infectious diseases, as well as major cross-cutting vaccinology activities. EVI implements its activities by building and maintaining global research partnerships with stakeholders from different sectors and different continents. EVI maintains a rich and diverse portfolio of vaccine development activities, currently in five disease areas, where we aim to deliver, in collaboration with our many partners, new and efficacious vaccine candidates

Cross-Cutting Activities

Cross-Cutting activities

EVI is committed to support vaccine development beyond individual vaccine candidates. Thus, EVI also engages in initiatives aimed at creating harmonisation between global stakeholders in vaccine R&D, promote networking, capacity strengthening and support access to vaccine infrastructure, at the European and global level.

EVI is committed to establishing a European vaccine R&D infrastructure to accelerate the development of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines for human and animal health,  promoting one health approach.

EVI seeks to create sustainable health networking and knowledge hubs and  facilitate cooperation of mutual benefit in health research and innovation.

EVI is supporting the development and validation of non-animal approaches for testing quality of human and veterinary vaccines.

EVI is working across Europe to harmonise key vaccine assays, through agreement on standardised lab procedures, preparations, and reagents, and through promoting their uptake and use.

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