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Socio-cultural study in Malawi: an insightful first week of field work

June 2024

The first week of fieldwork in Thyolo district (Malawi) has been successfully concluded by our colleague Mandeep Kaur and the MUST (Malawi University of Science and Technology) team as part of the ethnographic study aiming at understanding local perceptions of pregnancy and vaccinations.

Field work is crucial for gathering insights to guide the team strategies and ensure the success of future placental malaria vaccine initiatives and to create a culturally sensitive and patient-oriented vaccine advocacy campaigns.

2nd day focus group

Key Highlights

  • IDIs, FGDs, and surveys conducted in four villages with 40 participants.

  • Engagement activities with a diverse group of community members to gather a wide range of perspectives.

  • Strong support received from the Thyolo district hospital officials, enhancing our interaction with locals.

  • Substantial data collected to guide our vaccine advocacy campaign.

The team experienced a positive response and willingness from the community to participate in the discussions. With the further support from MUST, Dr. Marion Chirwa Kajombo and her colleagues EVI is looking forward to the upcoming weeks, eager to build on our findings and create a meaningful impact in the community.


Funding: This sub study is funded by the DGIS grant.


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