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Vaccine hesitancy among European healthcare workers, the new study by EVI and University of Rome

November 2023

Vaccine hesitancy among healthcare workers (HCWs) in Europe has become a growing concern in recent years. Despite the well-established benefits of vaccination in controlling infectious diseases, many healthcare workers remain hesitant about receiving them.

Similar to the general population, VH among HCWs vary significantly across countries. It was driven by scepticism and doubts about effectiveness and safety, fear of side effects, lack of confidence in vaccines, lack of knowledge, perceptions, or misbeliefs about vaccines.

Understanding the underlying factors contributing to VH among HCWs is critical, as well as evaluating and enhancing immunisation courses in the initial training programs of HCWs for developing targeted strategies, customise campaigns, and safeguard both HCWs and the general public.

The insights gleaned from this analysis can serve as a guide for targeted interventions aimed at increasing vaccine acceptance and coverage in Europe, ultimately strengthening public health.


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