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Report on Role and Impact of EU's 'Poverty-Related and Neglected Diseases' projects

The European Commission Research and Innovation Directorate published a report it had commissioned to evaluate the role and impact of the European Union’s (EU) Research Framework Programme activities in the field of Poverty-Related and Neglected Diseases (PRNDs).

The study focuses on the impact of past EU funding (€1.445bn) in PRND research supported from EU Framework Programmes (FP5–7, 1998–2013), as well as the first European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCPT) (2003–2013) and relevant research under the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) (2008–2013). EVI is positively mentioned on several occasions throughout the report and is listed as one of the top ten organisations receiving EDCTP funding during the evaluation period.

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