European Network of Vaccine Research and Development


Vaccines are one of the most successful and cost-effective public health tools for disease prevention. Their development though is time-consuming and complex, requiring a combination of specialised skills and technical capacities not readily available at a single organisation.  In order to facilitate access to these skills and capacities and to promote collaborations in the European vaccine landscape - aiming thereby to accelerate the development of safe, effective and affordable vaccines - the European Commission (EC), in the context of the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, recently funded TRANSVAC2, a European vaccine research and development (R&D) infrastructure.

TRANSVAC2 builds upon the success of TRANSVAC, the European Network of Vaccine Research and Development funded under the EC´s previous Framework Programme (FP7). TRANSVAC made significant contributions to the European vaccine development landscape, providing scientific-technical services to more than 29 vaccine projects and developing a roadmap for the establishment of a sustainable European vaccine R&D.


TRANSVAC2 will support innovation for both prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine development. High-quality technical services across four different service platforms will be offered: Technology (for process development and GMP production), Immunocorrelates & Systems Biology, Animal models, and support for Clinical Trials. Academic and non-academic research groups, including SMEs, can apply to benefit from the expertise, reagents, and facilities offered by TRANSVAC2 to accelerate the development of their vaccines. The call for applications is planned to be launched in October 2017. TRANSVAC2 will further accelerate vaccine development by applying cutting-edge technologies to address critical issues in modern vaccine development and thereby increase the quality of services provided. Additionally, TRANSVAC2 will continue the efforts to establish a sustainable vaccine development infrastructure in Europe.

Additionally, TRANSVAC2 will organise training activities to provide fundamental and advanced knowledge on a wide-range of vaccine development-related topics. Training modules will be harmonised with existing European vaccinology courses, aiming to complement existing infrastructures and activities. TRANSVAC2 will therefore centralise and expand the training opportunities available to the European vaccine community.

With this comprehensive approach, TRANSVAC2 will function as leverage and innovation catalyst between all stakeholders involved in vaccine R&D in Europe, and will contribute to the development of effective products to address European and global health challenges. This will reinforce the European leadership in controlling the burden and spread of diseases, and the economic assets represented by vaccine developers in Europe.